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Why do cars need to add flanges?

by GSTP Support 14 Aug 2023
Why do cars need to add flanges?

As we all know, many wheel refitters know that if the ET value is not appropriate, the gasket or flange of the wheel hub needs to be replaced, so today we will talk about the function and influence of gaskets and flanges.

Why install gaskets/flanges?

The comprehensive reason is that the ET value of the hub is inappropriate, so it needs to be subdivided. For example, for the sake of beauty, there is still a certain distance between the original wheel hub and the fender, and gaskets are added to make it flush, and the visual effect is more full and comfortable. Some are mandatory. If the hub data is incorrect, there is no way to get away with retrofitting the brakes, otherwise the tire lining will rub against the lining. Therefore, the first thing to change a wheel is to choose a wheel with an appropriate ET value, so that there is no need to toss the gasket, and if you want a beautiful wheel style and the ET value of the wheel is not suitable, you need to choose a gasket.


What is the impact of adding gaskets/flanges?

Things that are not originally part of the vehicle, if installed, will have different degrees of impact. There may be eccentric wear of the tires, the possibility of shaking, the improvement of the unsprung quality, and even the possibility of damage to the half-axis universal joint. These are all risks. There are disadvantages and advantages, the wheelbase is widened, the high speed is more stable, and the cornering roll is improved. But whatever the pros and cons, the gasket/flange effect is minimal.

The benefits of installing flanges on cars

1. The body posture of some models may not be as expected. After the flange is installed, the wheels protrude a little, which can make the vehicle appear more powerful in appearance. Some wide-body modified cars will have tire sag, adding flanges can solve this problem perfectly.
2. After the flange is installed, the coaxial wheelbase of the vehicle will become longer, so it can improve the vibration and roll feeling of the vehicle when driving at high speed and making sharp turns.
3. The material of the flange is usually aluminum alloy, so it will not increase too much weight.
4. Refit the large brake calipers, and add flanges to make way for the calipers.


Disadvantages of adding flanges to cars

It's okay to walk on a flat road, but when you walk on an uneven road, the bumps of the vehicle will be more severe, which will cause some damage to the universal joint of the half shaft.
The quality of the flanges varies widely. Once the flange is damaged, it will affect the original car's wheel hub.
One of the factors in vehicle suspension tuning is to reduce abnormal wear of the tires. The addition of the flange changed the wheelbase, which caused abnormal tire wear.
The vehicle should not be overloaded, because the reasons mentioned in the third point will cause abnormal wear of the tires, and sometimes rub the wheel eyebrows.
If the flange quality is uneven, it will cause the vehicle to vibrate when driving at high speed.


How to choose a gasket/flange?

Although the installation has little impact on vehicle performance, safety hazards are a big problem. After the spacer is installed, the friction surface between the hub and the axle head changes from one to two. The rigidity of the gasket is a key issue. It is recommended to buy a gasket with a good material from a big brand. Forged aluminum alloy is rigid and light. Or recognize the price and buy expensive, but not so expensive. We sell high-quality flanges in our store, you can buy them if you need them.

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