Refund Policy

Refund Policy

How It Works

1. Contact our support team to confirm your refund request.
2. Ship items to our warehouse.
3. We will refund your money when we receive your items.

    General Return Process

    Initiate a Return

    Contact us at with product photos and/or videos, and provide your order number. Our customer service team will review your refund request within 3 business days.

    Return the Item

    If your return is approved, we will provide you with a return address and detailed instructions on how to ship your package. Please note that items returned without authorization will not be accepted.

    Refund or Exchange

    Upon receiving the return/exchange, we will inspect the item within 2 business days and proceed with a replacement or refund as applicable.

    If your return tracking shows that the item was delivered and signed for, but your refund has not yet been processed, it may be because the warehouse has not actually received your return. Please note that returns are based on actual receipts by the warehouse.

    Refund for Exhaust Manifold

    • Condition Upon Arrival: After the return to our warehouse, if the product is confirmed to not affect secondary sales, a 50% refund of the total amount of the goods will be issued.
    • Missing Main Body: If the warehouse finds that the main body of the manifold is missing, no refund will be issued.
    • Missing Accessories: If accessories such as screws, gaskets, or accessory pipes are missing, a refund will be issued after deducting between $5 and $10 from the refund amount.

    Common Situations

    30 Days No-Reason Refund

    From the time you receive the product, we offer 30 days of no reason to refund. The use of this clause is provided that the product has not been damaged and does not affect the second sale.

    (Some products do not support refunds, please see "Non-Returnable Items" for a detailed list of products.)

    Get the Wrong Product

    Due to various reasons such as the warehouse pasted the wrong product bar code, we may send the wrong parts. If you find that the product you received is wrong, please take a photo and contact us, we will exchange it for you free of charge, and we will bear the freight of the return.

    Damaged Items

    If you received a damaged product, please send a photo/video of the damaged product along with your order number to We will process your request within 2-3 business days, replace the product for you and cover the return shipping costs.

    Compatibility Lssues

    If the product is incompatible despite matching the described vehicle model, return it for a full refund and we will cover the return shipping costs.
    If your model is not listed in our description, you may still use our "30 days no reason to refund."

    Non-Returnable Items

    The list below provides a high-level list of merchandise that is classified as non-returnable per our Return Policy. Some parts may be denied return because they share the same categorization as their electrical counterparts (i.e. fuel pumps). In these cases, the Team Member may override the denial and process the return. This list represents most but not necessarily all of the non-returnable parts. See your local store team member for assistance.

    4WD Switches, ABS Speed Sensors, AC, Heater Switches, Air Injection Valves, Temperature Sensors, Blower Motor Resistors, Blower Switches, Camshaft Position Sensors, Crankshaft Sensors, Carburetors, Combination Switch Connectors, Engine Computers, Coolant Temperature Sensors, Cruise Control Relay, Relays, Dimmer Switches, Distributor Cap and Rotor Kits, Distributor Parts, Distributors, Door Jamb Switches, Door Lock Actuators, Door Lock Switches, EGR Pressure Feedback Sensors, EGR Valve Position Sensors, EGR Valve Temperature Sensors, EGR Valves, Sensors, Fuel Injection Kits, Fuel Pressure Regulators, Fuel Pump Components, Fuel Pumps, Engine Gaskets, Gasket Kits, Headlight Switches, Idle Air Controls, Ignition Coils, Ignition Modules, Ignition Pickups, Ignition Switches, Impact Sensors, Knock Sensors, Lighting Connectors, Door Lock Cylinders, Mass Airflow Sensors, MAP Sensors, Mirror Switches, Neutral Safety Switches, Oil Pressure Switches, Oxygen Sensors, Pedal Sensors, Points and Condensers, Power Window Switches, Purge Valves, Relays, Smog Pump Kits, Smog Pumps, Speed Sensors, Steering Angle Sensor, Stoplight Switches, Switch Connectors, Temperature Switches, Throttle Bodies, Throttle Position Sensors, TPMS Sensors, Kits, Turbo Chargers, Turbo Charger Parts, Turbo Charger Sensors, Turbo Charger Solenoids, Turn Signal Switches, Vacuum Pumps, Variable Valve Timing Actuators, VVT Solenoids, Voltage Regulators, Wiper Switches.

    Return Fees

    • No processing fee is charged to consumers for returning a product.
    • If the return is due to our problems (such as incorrect products, or product quality problems), we will give you a full refund.
    • If the return is due to a buyer's issue (such as I don't like the item/don't want it, ordered the wrong product/size), the buyer should pay for shipping and we will not refund the original shipping cost.
    • If the product returned by the customer is damaged or lost in transit, we will contact the customer by mail within two business days to confirm the problem with the customer. If the customer requests a refund, we will deduct 20% of the order price and provide the customer with a partial refund.

    Final Notes

    Notification of Outcome

    We will inform you whether the return is approved or rejected after inspection. If approved, your refund will be processed to your original payment method within 2-3 business days.

    Refund Delays

    If you haven't received your refund within this period, please recheck your bank account, then contact your bank or credit card company as processing times may vary.

    For any questions or further assistance, please contact us at