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How to Clean EGR Valve 6.6 Duramax Quickly and Easily

by GSTPAdmin 01 Nov 2023
Clean EGR Valve 6.6 Duramax

Your Chevrolet Duramax's exhaust gas recirculation valve, or EGR valve, is a crucial component.  The EGR valve's performance can be weakened over time by the accumulation of carbon deposits and other contaminants, which also compromises the valve's power and efficiency. This post will explain the functions of the EGR valve, go over some typical indicators that your pickup's valve needs to be cleaned, and examine how a filthy valve affects truck performance.

Why is an EGR valve used?

The EGR valve allows exhaust gas to be cycled back into your truck's combustion cylinder. By cycling, NOx gases—poisonous fumes produced when nitrogen and oxygen burn at high pressure and temperatures—are avoided and combustion temperatures are guaranteed to stay lower than they would otherwise be.

As a result, the EGR valve is subjected to intense heat and several kinds of carbon buildup. The EGR valve may bend slightly or become stuck in either an open or closed position due to the deposits and excessive heat. For this reason, it's critical to plan routine maintenance, particularly for diesel trucks, and to have your EGR valve inspected during the procedure in case it needs to be cleaned.

Most Typical Indications of a Filthy EGR Valve

Engine performance can be impacted by filthy EGR valves in two different ways. The valve may stop oscillating back and forth as intended and become stuck in either the open or closed position if sufficient deposits accumulate. In the event that the valve becomes jammed open, your pickup will use more gasoline and idle quite rough at lower speeds. Additionally, more hydrocarbons will flow out of the exhaust pipe when the valve is open. A mild to strong fuel stench is frequently reported by those who are driving during this phenomena.

When driving at lower speeds, the engine of your pickup may make a pinging noise if the EGR valve is stuck in the closed position. Internal combustion temperatures can rise sharply if an EGR valve becomes stuck in the closed position, which is intended to keep the combustion environment cold. Fuel may ignite earlier as a result of this increase. The low rpm pinging sounds are a result of this early ignition.

Loud explosions are among the more dangerous effects of this temperature rise. These occur when a second ignition follows right after the first ignition or combines with it. These may harm an engine.

In either case, the check engine light or malfunction light will illuminate on the dashboard. You should bring your truck in for inspection and diagnosis when any of these warning lights come on.

Supplies and Safety Equipment You Must Have for Cleaning Your 6.6 Duramax EGR Valve:

It's crucial to assemble the required supplies before cleaning your EGR valve in order to guarantee a quick and efficient cleaning procedure. The list of supplies you will require is as follows:

  • Carburetor cleaner or EGR cleaner
  • toothbrush or soft-bristled brush
  • Clean rags or paper towels
  • Gloves
  • Safety goggles or glasses

It's crucial to remember that cleaning your EGR valve can be accomplished with either carburetor cleaner or EGR cleaner. But exercise caution when using carburetor cleaning since it tends to be more forceful and can harm some types of plastics. Furthermore, it is strongly advised that you protect yourself from any potentially dangerous chemicals or debris that may be released during the cleaning process by donning gloves and protective goggles or glasses.

You will be able to clean your EGR valve safely and successfully if you have all the tools you need and follow the right safety procedures!

 EGR valve cleaning:

First, confirm that your vehicle is parked on a level area, that the engine is off, and that the brakes are applied. To be safe, unplug the cords from the negative terminal of your battery.

Next, find your vehicle's EGR valve. To find out its exact location and type, consult your car's handbook as this will vary based on the make and model.

After locating the valve, take out any obstructions and disconnect any wiring that may be connected to it. After that, take off the gasket and mounting bolts.

To keep the valve clean:

Ensure that you have on safety glasses and gloves that can withstand acid.

After applying an EGR valve cleaner spray to the carbon deposits, remove the accumulation with a dull scraper and pipe cleaning brush.

Once all of the carbon deposits have been eliminated, repeat the procedure and use a fresh cloth to clean the surface.

You might want to let the valve soak in the cleaning solution for a few minutes if it's very grimy. Make sure to take out any electronic or plastic components first.

After cleaning is complete, replace the EGR valve and make sure everything is operating as it should. The Check Engine display will turn off, indicating that your cleaning was successful! Your car shouldn't be held back by a dirty EGR valve. Get back to enjoying the performance you deserve by following these instructions.


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