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How to Choose a Crankcase Ventilation Filter

by GSTP Support 29 Jul 2023
How to Choose a Crankcase Ventilation Filter

What is the Crankcase Ventilation Filter used for?

The crankcase ventilation filter is an important emissions control device found in a vehicle's positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) system. Its purpose is to filter oil mist and contaminants from the gases being recirculated through the engine.

This filter works by allowing crankcase gases and vapors to pass through its mesh material, trapping oil droplets and particles before they re-enter the intake system. The filtered gases can then be burned in the engine, which reduces harmful emissions. Without a filter, contaminants could decrease engine efficiency or damage components over time.

When Do I Need To Replace The Crankcase Ventilation Filter?

1.Check for blockages: Examine the filter at recommended service intervals and look for heavy deposits or a thick, oily coating that could restrict airflow through the mesh. A blocked filter should be replaced.

2.Monitor the hose connections: Make sure the ventilation hoses going to the filter are in good condition and securely fastened with clamps. Loose connections can allow unfiltered air into the system.

3.Use the correct replacement: Consult your vehicle repair manual and install the factory recommended filter. Using the wrong part number filter may not filter adequately.

4.Check the filter seating: The filter should sit properly in its housing and seal tightly. Gaps around the edges allow dirty air to bypass the filter.


Benefits of Changing Crankcase Ventilation Filters:

1.It protects engine components from contamination and premature wear. This extends the overall life of the engine.

2.Filtering oil mist helps reduce engine oil consumption over time.

3.It allows proper operation of the PCV system and maintains correct crankcase vacuum.

4.Preventing oil discharge helps keep catalytic converters functioning efficiently.


How should I choose a crankcase ventilation filter:

When selecting a replacement filter, stick with a reputable brand name from parts retailers like Wix, Mahle, Bosch, or your automaker's OEM filter. Using the specifically designed filter recommended for your vehicle model ensures optimal filtration and function.

In summary, the crankcase ventilation filter is a small but mighty emissions component that plays a big role in keeping your engine's air intake system clean. Replacing it at factory specified intervals helps maximize engine life and reduce environmental impact.

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